Nordic Bear 2

29 December 2015 | Categorised in: Knitting


My colleague, Julia, was leaving to Switzerland for her new job so I wanted to give her a little gift. I made the Nordic teddy which I have attempted before, but this time I used 4ply yarn and 2.5mm needles.

Julia was leaving on a Monday, so I started making this on the Saturday evening and slept at 3am on both nights rushing this. But I did make this in under 48 hours, which is a miracle!

I enjoy knitting using small needles because it makes it more challenging for me, and it is more portable.


The end result is quite adorable actually!
Good luck Julia and I wish you all the best.


On another note, I know that I haven’t updated this blog often but I am trying to re-strategise my knitting to be included in an art blog too. It’s still in the planning process, but I would like to show more visuals for my blog to be more photographic/journal based.